LIZA ON THE ROAD: Last Dells Days!

Well the crazy journey has finally come to an end and as I write this back in Chicago I can say one thing… WHAT A WHIRLWIND! Although I’m happy to be back with the city lights and gorgeous busy streets, there is a something about the quiet, stillness of the Dells that was so simple and beautiful. The show was a blast with such great feedback coming from a variety of sources (reviews, patrons, and other directors alike). We are super excited to continue working towards a solid PREMIERE here in Chicago. Next up, St. Charles, at CLUB ARCADA, the stunning 1920’s vintage style Speakeasy. Catch us there Sunday, December 16 at 5pm! It’s a swanky joint and we’ve got a stellar HOLIDAY themed show! See you there! :)

LIZA ON THE ROAD This is the bittersweet ending to such a beautiful time spent up at the Palace Theatre in Wisconsin Dells! Thank you to all who made it possible:) CHECK OUT OUR HIGHLIGHTS REEL OUR WEBSITE MY WEBSITE! MUAH∆∆˚